Cycle Man’s 300ez Trade Secrets Caught on Camera!

Birth of the 300ez

Carol, Stan, and Don are working on the next big idea in recliner mechanisms. After an unproductive session, Carol persuades them to go see Cycle Man. The journey takes them through underground tunnels where they find Cycle Man waiting in his lair.

25,000 Reps

Don visits Cycle Man because he is looking for new ways to test the 300ez. Cycle Man spends three weeks working on ideas. During that time he recruits the help of a janitor and encounters some dental issues.

of Character

Don reminds Stan of a haunting encounter with Cycle Man that involved a large mammal. Cycle Man shares lessons his grandfather taught him during his search for the ultimate mechanism.

300 Pounds

Carol and Don sort through rumors about how Cycle Man came up with the idea to conduct real human testing. Stan visits Cycle Man’s lair and emerges a changed man.

Ease of Use

Don notices grandmas hanging out in the parking lot. It appears Cycle Man has found a new way to test the 300ez to make sure it’s easy for everyone to use. Stan forms a friendship with the new testers.

Sales Success

Carol’s purse is foreign knock-off. After the bag breaks, she has to deal with lousy customer service. Stan is happy to report sales of 300ez are through the roof, but finds that Cycle Man is missing.